Florence Nightingale

Social reformer and statistician,!!!!

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our responsiblities!!!!

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We handle tough and rough situtation..

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dedicated toward our patients and responblities...

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Our Patients!!!!

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Why Choose Us?

We works closely with a range of health professionals including General Practitioners, allied health practitioners, nurses and medical professionals to provide excellence in service delivery and care for patients.

Our Moto

Nursing service, nursing education and career advancement in the state. State nursing service, unity, respect and protect them. Government nursing ward serving the business community on issues discussed and decisions. State of nursing education and training to enhance the quality of support. Importance of nursing profession to the public dissemination of their work and to provide maximum benefit and cooperation. Ward rise and progress of the business to provide facilities for the various sub-committees Smbddhta. Nursing in the business of state government to resolve the difficulties presented to the counter, personnel and administration center of the Suhadrrpuarn always try to maintain the environment. Anyone suffering from any type of business engaged in nursing nurse and possible social and economic support. Rise and progress of the nursing profession for nurses involved in private efforts, to encourage them to come into government service, to counter the difficulties Shasnse dialogue and to cooperate in providing their Prtyavednon etc. disposal.

Our Committee

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Late Mr. R. K.



Person 2

Mrs. Poonam


Mobile: 9935406547

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Mr. Ashok

General Secretary

Mobile: 9415139203

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Mr. Jitendra
Bahadur Singh


Mobile: 9450649900

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